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Want a new home, but can’t get approved for a mortgage?

Need a new car, but can’t get a loan?

Want to give your children a bright future, but can’t co-sign on their student loans?

Do you need a credit card to pay your bills, but keep getting denied?

Are you sick and tired of high interest rates that are preventing you from paying off your credit cards?

Do you ever feel like you are fighting an uphill battle, and no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to get ahead?

If you’re ready to stop being weighed down by a bad credit history, and you’re ready to start living the life that you deserve, then it’s time to repair your credit! It’s time you break free from the chains that are holding you down, and start living a happier, healthier life with good credit!

                                                                               What exactly is credit repair?

Here at, credit repair is what helps people get their lives back. It’s what helps people breathe easier and sleep better at night. Credit repair is the process that helps people overcome their past financial mistakes by removing negative remarks from your credit score.

Credit repair gives you the freedom to finally access loans, credit cards, and good jobs; it can drastically improve every aspect of your life!

                                    What does do to repair my credit? is your advocate. We go to bat for you with the big Credit Bureaus- Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion to get negative marks removed, repaired, and/or updated on your record, which helps your credit score increase!      

After we help you repair your credit, you will have the freedom and financial health for life's possibilities…You can finally do more of the things you want to do - like buy a home or car, and get credit cards! You’ll also have a better safety net to protect you from life's challenges and obstacles. Bad credit limits your options and holds you back from the life you want. Great credit leads to more opportunities and the life that you deserve!

                         With, YOU can have great credit!

Unlike most of the other credit repair companies who charge you every chance they get, we at offer you an all-inclusive credit repair services with  Unlimited and simultaneous disputes,  for one low price! We also offer debt settlement services, as well as secured credit cards to help you build your credit. Contact our credit professionals to start building your dreams today. Call us at 866-PCA-9651 or request a quick 10 minute consultation, now!

                                                                       Don’t wait!….

….Unfortunately, many people wait until they need a loan for a house, a car, college, etc, to start improving their credit; although is widely known in the industry for having the quickest results, credit repair is a process that does take a few months. If you know you’ll need a loan, credit card, or new job soon, and your credit score needs help, don’t wait until the last minute! If you wait, you could risk losing your dream house when you find it, the perfect car to fit your needs, and an affordable loan to help your child go to college….

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Perfect Credit Again

Credit repair is much more than gaining access to loans and credit cards, it can drastically improve every aspect of your life. After you repair your credit, you will have the freedom and financial health for life's possibilities, as well as a better safety net to protect you from life's challenges and obstacles. Bad credit limits your options and holds you back from the life you want. Great credit leads to more opportunities and the life that you deserve!

Recent Testimonials

“ has been a lifesaver. They were able to reduce my debt by over 50%. When I first joined, I had so much debt it was overwhelming, and now I have a clear conscious and a clean slate. I can finally rest easy knowing that debt collectors will not be calling me all the time. Thank you so much, you guys are awesome!”
Roxy, Seattle, WA
“Thanks to I was debt free in 24 months! I had over $40,000 in debt, and they were able to settle it for half the amount. I could not believe that they were able to get my debt reduced by so much and that it all happened so quickly. I am very happy that I chose; I will be recommending them to all my friends and family!”
Steve, Asheville, NC
“I just graduated college and had a ton of credit card debt from paying tuition, for books and housing. Obviously there is a lot of stress as a new graduate entering the work force, and that stress became worse when the creditors began calling non-stop. I started to feel harassed and panicked. Luckily, I found and they were able to get the phone calls to stop almost immediately! I now feel less stress and like I am back on track and can focus on my goals.”
Katie, Santa Monica, CA
“I was hiding from my debt for years. I was always avoiding the telephone, having to screen all my calls in fear that it would be a creditor. It got so bad, that I was about to get my wages garnished. But thanks to I was able to avoid that. After my first phone call with one of their specialist, I felt like there was a clear plan to get my debt settled. I was able to settle my debt at 50% and never had my wages garnished thanks to”
Craig, Portland, OR
“My experience with has been amazing to say the least. They saved me from bankruptcy. I was so close to loosing everything, but after my consultation they gave me hope. And now, I am debt free and back to building my credit and repairing my finances. They are so knowledgeable and supportive, I never felt like I was alone through the process. My questions were always answered quickly and with patience. are definitely steps above the rest!”
Debbie, Jackson, WY
“I was drowning in debt and started to feel like I would never be free of it until I found They did a debt analysis for me, created a plan for me to pay back my debt and now I am debt free! I wish I had found them sooner. I finally feel free and I can start to build my financial future again!”
Scott, Boston, MA
“Wow! If I had known debt settlement could have been this easy I would have done it years ago. Part of my resistance in the past was the fear that debt repair would be a long, drawn out and painful process. But helped get it all done quickly and efficiently. They gave me personal attention I needed, I felt like they really cared about me and wanted to help. I settled all my debt at half the amount and couldn’t be happier. Thanks again!”
Brian, Las Vegas, NV
"My experience with has been a blessing to say the least. When the economy took a down turn, I lost my job and fell behind on my bills. gave me the tools, the persistence, and understanding to get me back in position to start my life again. It can be difficult to get yourself out from under bad credit, but helped me understand my credit report and gave me the personal attention I needed to begin to fix my credit."
Betty, Boston, MA
"I found through my Corporate Perks program at work. From what I read on their website, the thing that sets apart from other credit repair services is their personal and one-on-one attention. I am pleased to say that was so true, and that personal attention helped me improve my credit score and have hope for the future again.”
Janet, Dallas, TX
"I could have never closed on my home without I was continuously denied for a home loan and never understood why. After I obtained my credit report, I was shocked to see that my credit was so poor. But helped me understand what I could do to fix this, some of these things were quick fixes and others more long term. But either way I now know what I need to do to get back on track and now own a home.”
Larry, Tulsa, OK
" was much better than any credit restoration programs that I have used in the past. Unlike other credit repair companies, they were worth every penny. I found them patient, effective and knowledgeable. My score is now up more than 100 points and I was able to get a car loan with very little money down.”
Damien, Chicago, IL
"I am very thankful for You guys have done an awesome job with helping me understand and improve my credit report. I loved having 24/7 access to my credit information through the portal and to all the educational material. I truly feel like I have all the tools and knowledge to never be a client again. You guys rock!”
Carlos, Los Angeles, CA
" has really improved my credit score and I could never have done this by myself. They are not a waste of time or money like other companies, and they get results! I am a single parent, and I used to lay awake at night worrying if I would ever be able to help my daughter get a college loan or save for my retirement. But thanks to my credit is up and I just co-signed for my daughters loan last week. I am about to start my retirement account and can finally sleep at night. Thanks!"
Amelia, Denver, CO
"I am a mortgage broker and recommend to all my clients. They have the knowledge, experience and professionalism that I know I can trust sending my clients to. I have had so many clients come back with success stories and finally able to get the home loans they have always wanted. doesn’t only help people gain financial freedom, they help dreams come true and I can not recommend them enough."
Melodie, Portland, OR
" is amazing! After working with them I saw my credit score go up drastically. I was finally able to get an apartment without putting a ton of money down. It all started with the free 10 minute consult, and I am so happy that I took a chance and did it. 10 minutes of my day ended up changing my life. Thanks again, you guys are the best!"
Jimmy, Seattle, WA
"Wanted to thank for helping me repair my credit. Easy start up and constant updates through their 24-hour portal allowed me to stop worrying if it was going to get this process completed. Any questions I had, big or small, they answered with patience. They also have a Help Desk, which made asking questions so easy. I felt like I was talking to a friend who truly cared about my future. And now, thanks to, I have a better future!"
Shawna, Phoenix, AZ
"My credit was a dark cloud hanging over me for years. I was always worried about my financial future and if I would ever been able to get things, like a home loan or a new car. But thanks to a good friend who referred me, I joined and I have never felt better. was everything my friend said they would be: knowledgeable, helpful and effective. I now feel like that cloud has been lifted and I have a bright financial future ahead of me."
Lindsay, New York, NY
" definitely works! They work very fast and efficiently, more than any other company I tried before them. Not only is my credit much better, they saved me money by getting the job done quickly. Within months of signing up, my credit score was up over 175 points and I was able to get a new car!"
Christian, Nashville, TN
" has done amazing work to help alleviate a lot of items from my credit report and they made me feel confortable and confident while doing it. From day one, I could tell that they were not reading from a script like other companies I had previously worked with. And they were always in contact with me, letting me know where I stand. definitely knows what their clients need and I can’t imagine having a better experience"
Dawn, Las Vegas, NV
"I want to say thank you to an outstanding experience I had with! I recommend this service to anyone who needs help with his or her credit report. I am super impressed by their helpfulness, they made me feel like I was more than a number and like they really cared about my future and understanding the credit repair process. I am so happy that I decided to work with them, and that I now have the credit that I always wanted.”
Andy, Orange County, CA
"My husband and I were trying to buy a home for our family, and we knew that both our credit was not so great. Even though my husband had paid off the majority of our debt, there was little change on our credit report. But thanks to, we found out what we needed to do to change that. gave us the education we needed to understand why our credit was not improving. Credit scores can be complicated, but simplified it for us. We have seen amazing improvements in our credit and now understand why. We just applied for that home loan again, and feel confident that we will get it."
Vanessa, Miami, FL
"I was introduced to by one of my co-workers through their Refer a Friend program. From the beginning, their credit repair specialist helped me understand how credit worked. I always knew where I stood and could track my process through their portal. I loved the constant communication and never felt like I was in the dark about where I stood. After I completed the program, I was able to get a credit card, and no longer have to pay cash for everything I need.”
Cynthia, Charlotte, NC
"After joining my credit score has improved greatly. I was able to get car insurance without having to pay a full year down upfront. Finally, I can increase my saving by not having to use my cash as down payments for the basic things I need in life, like an apartment or a car. I am so happy with my results and believe in so much, that I have referred them to all of my friends and family.”
David, Brooklyn, NY
"I would like to thank the team at for helping me to restore my credit. My credit repair specialist, who saw me through everything from start to finish, walked me step by step through the process. I feel like they were in constant contact with me, and I always had access to them or my portal for questions. I can now breath easy knowing that my credit is back on track and I can prepare financially for my future."
Debra, Atlanta, GA
"I was very embarrassed about my credit, but I knew that I could not hide from it forever. Luckily, I found through my Corporate Perks program at work and I signed up. They were very sensitive and understanding that this was an emotional issue for me, and never made me feel badly about my credit. And now, thanks to them, I no longer feel embarrassed about my credit. Last week, I was able to go into a department store and fill out an application for a credit card and not worry that I would be denied."
Spencer, Cleveland, OH
"I am so happy that I went with to fix my credit. My credit scores went up over 200 points and now I got a credit card and a Personal Loan through my bank! I no longer have to pay cash for everything or have to worry that I won’t have the money saved or credit line for a rainy day.”
Janet, Park City, UT
"It was my New Years Resolution to become financially stable. My first step was to become a client of I'm getting better results then I could have ever imagined. After years of having a stained credit report I now see a brighter future. " Patti, San Bernardino, CA
“I am in the military and was deployed to Afghanistan. Obviously, I had a lot of worries and concerns about leaving my family. The biggest one was how they would be financially without me because of our bad credit. Before leaving, I joined and by the time I returned, so had my good credit. It was a big weight off my back knowing that my family had more financial flexibility and options.”
Steve, Oceanside, CA
I wanted to say thanks for the great job that Perfect Credit again did on my behalf. Six months ago my dream of reaching my American dream was far from coming to a reality I was then referred to Perfect Credit and within one month I started to see great improvement on my score and the removal of unnecessary entry that was practically hurting my credit, not only I was qualified to get a Mortgage, my credit record has also been stabilized. Once again thank you for your service and it was well worth every penny that I spent.
Best Regards,
Ricky M, NYC
Thank you for all of your help and guidance. My credit is up to around 650 from from 450 6 months ago! I was able to buy my dream car and for a great low interest rate because of your help. I was even able to save over $75 a month on my car insurance because my scores increased so much! The service and results were awesome! Thank you for helping my 4 friends that I referred to you as well.
Christine V, Boston, MA
Thank you to Joe and the entire team at!! You made the dream of us owning our very own home a reality and we couldn’t have done it without you!! Your patience, guidance and knowledge is by far the best in the industry! We highly recommend if anyone needs their credit to be fixed to go with the best….we are sure glad that we did!
Jason and Michelle K, NYC
"Thank you sooooo much for helping me build up my credit!!! Every month is absolutely impressive on how fast your company works; my scores have gone up a ton every month!!! Going through your company has been easy, well informing, and very professional!!! Worth every penny!!! You guys Rock!!!"
Via Facebook-T.Collins
" made the entire home buying process effortless for our family. We are so grateful for everything they did to get us in the right home for the right price with the right loan."
Michael O
"Having a one stop shop for all our refinancing needs was wonderful. We were able to get our credit score raised in a few short months which gave us a much lower interest rate than we could have gotten on our own. Thank You"
Wendy L.
"Deciding to use a reverse mortgage option to send our grandkids to college was difficult, but was there every step of the way and really made us feel comfortable with our options. We had great customer service and they answered all of our questions, they care about their clients."
Linda F.
"Thank You Your team was always available and found our family the right loan and the best realtor for our budget and needs."
Steven T.
"Other companies we looked into were pushy and hard to reach. took the time to listen to what we wanted and were always available to answer our calls. We felt like they truly cared about us and making sure we had everything we needed, they knew the answers before we even had to ask. Professional and highly recommended."
Justin P.
" has done a wonderful job for me. I am so happy that I finally have the credit to live my life again. Joe and his team did a great job and I will refer them to anyone."
Devin S., Phoenix, AZ
" has changed my life. I finally feel confident in my future, and feel like I now have what I need to get things I want in life. I plan on recommending this company to all my friends and family who want fast and easy credit repair."
Casey B., Sacramento, CA
"Thanks to I am homeowner now! I could never have been able to achieve my dream of owning my own home before I went through this process. Joe was a big help, along with all of the other staff. Great and efficient customer service. This was a great program for me."
Michelle C., Seattle, WA
"I achieved great results using The process was fast and easy for me, and I got the results I wanted. Every time I have called into customer service they have always been very courteous and helpful. The company also has a great referral program, I have referred to several people that are trying to clean up their credit and were offered great incentives for doing so. Thanks so much for your help!"
Jacquie B., Portland, OR
"Thanks for the great customer service I appreciate that the team has so much great knowledge of the process. They were there with me through every step of the process. I never felt alone or confused while in the program. Joe and his team were always there to answer any questions I ever had. What a great experience and results!"
Harrison M., Savannah, GA
"Thank you, you have been a life changer! I am so happy with my results, and look forward to a brighter future now that my credit has been cleaned up. I am recommending you to all my friends and family."
Andre K., Albuquerque, NM
" was great, the work they did on my credit helped me purchase a home. Anyone who needs credit repair should sign up for their program, it is worth every penny. The process was fast and painless. The team of credit specialists are very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable and confident during the process. One of the best choices I ever made.
Christine J., Pittsburg, PA
"My husband and I got ourselves into major trouble a few years ago. We ruined our credit and were in tons of debt. A wonderful mortgage broker friend of ours turned us on to and we started using them. We are very pleased with the results that we've had and would recommend to anyone in the position we were in."
Barbra C., Salt Lake City, UT
"Joe was very helpful in answering all my questions. I appreciate the support that I have been receiving from The team was wonderful and supportive. I would recommend them to anyone looking to repair their credit."
Sandy K., Brooklyn, NY
"The service with has been wonderful. I am very happy with the results I got. I will surely recommend to anyone that needs credit repair. Thanks"
Tom W., Miami, FL
"This is a great service. offers a great service. It was well worth the money."
Thalia L., Irvine, CA
“Everyone probably has doubts about joining a program like this. But let me tell you, it was worth it. I decided to take a chance on and they pulled through for me. This company has a lot of integrity and treats their clients with respect. I will always be grateful to for what they have done for my credit. This service is priceless."
Holly M., Nashville, TN
"I had a great experience with The customer service was awesome and the team was very supportive. I felt very confident that this company would help my credit, and they did! I am so happy that the weight of bad credit is off my back. I cam now move on with my life and get the things I want. Thanks again!"
Natalie J., Chicago, IL
"This company is great. The program that they provide and the customer care is really a step above the rest. Plus, I now have the credit that I always wanted. I am recommending this company to all my friends and family. Thanks!"
Hank M., Denver, CO
"We are very thankful to and we are now one step closer to purchasing the home that we have been wanting for some time now. Thanks to all the specialists who helped us out, the customer service was always great."
Laurie O., Austin, TX
"The customer service is simply excellent. The results are consistent. I am looking forward to the additional positive changes to my credit report! Thanks"
Mandy M., Scottsdale, AZ
"I just wanted to thank for helping me clean up my credit. After I completed the program I was able to get a car loan and moved into a new apartment. Two things that I was never able to do before because my credit was so bad. But now, thanks to I have the financial flexibility to get the things that I want in life."
Marcy K., Houston, TX
"I cannot begin to tell you how amazing the program at was. The process couldn't have been smoother and the results were outstanding. The specialists at were very helpful and always answered all of my questions. I could not be happier with the results and I am glad I enrolled in the program. Very professional and first class service. Thank you!"
Eddie S., Seattle, WA
"I had bad credit for a long time. I was banging my head against the wall trying to fix it myself. I was referred to and they were great helping me through the process. The specialists were great at answering any questions that I had. There is no way I could have repaired my credit without their help. Thank you for all of your hard work and great customer service."
Tim J., Portland, OR
" did a great job cleaning up my credit. Thanks to them, I was able to help my daughter get a school loan and get her a new car for graduation."
Penelope N., Phoenix, AZ
"I would just like to thank everyone at I never thought there was even a chance at repairing my credit and now I have the ability to get loans and credit cards. Joe was a great help with everything and always answers my questions. Thanks again for all the help!!!
Donna M., Henderson, NV
"My husband and I decided it was time to own our own home, but because of some previous credit problems we were unable to get a loan for our dream home. After doing some research we came across Within months, we were able to start thinking about applying for home loans again. I am so thankful to the kind and professional people who helped my husband and I reach our goals. I would recommend everyone who needs credit help to only trust"
Ashley H., Denver, CO
" has helped clean my credit way above my expectations. I am so happy that I signed up for their program. I now feel more confident in my financial future. A big thanks to Joe and his team, you are the best!"
Mike G., Destin, FL
"I wanted to say a big thank you to They have done a great job restoring my credit. I recommend their services to everyone! 100% satisfaction and results!"
Clair P., Austin, TX
" has been very helpful in repairing my credit. Not to mention it was done in a timely manner. I would recommend their services to anyone. Thanks!"
Javier G., Nashville, TN
"I want to say thank you so much to Joe and his team for your great work! I can now get the loans and credit I need to move forward with my life. I will recommend to all my friends. They did a great job and I am very impressed with all that they did."
Lucy J., San Diego, CA
"I would like to thank everyone at for their hard work! I am very pleased with the support and service. I am so looking forward to getting the loans I need; I already got approved for a car loan. Thanks again!"
Hilary B., Atlanta, GA
"I would like to say good job to! I am so happy with my new credit score. That house is just around the corner. Thank you to all the specialists who were patient and worked so hard for me. Now all my dreams are just around the corner."
Kelly J., Detroit, MI
" was just what I was looking for! I was astonished to have found a company who actually cared about my situation. Thank you to Joe and his team for all the hard work you have given towards improving my credit scores. I am now more confident in my future! agents are the best!"
James H., Chicago, IL
"I am so happy I went through with this program. was the solution to my problems. I was very stressed about my financial situation before and now I have more confidence in the future. A big thanks to Joe and his team for everything they did for me. You guys are the best!"
Linda J., Boston, MA
"The specialists at are very helpful and knowledgeable. The experience was great and the results are even better. I am so happy that I went through the program, it was worth every penny!"
Farida L., Newark, NJ
"I just helped my daughter get a school loan. I finally feel like a whole person, it is amazing how bad credit can really affect your life. After not being able to help my daughter with a car loan, I now feel like real parent. I am so thankful to for helping me get my credit to a point where this was possible for me."
Greg N., Ashville, NC