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To thank you for being a loyal customer, we've developed PerfectCreditAgain.com Referral Club.   It's not a sale or limited offer — it's a permanent referral program that generously rewards you for helping your friends and family for getting back on the path to great credit.   In fact, you're probably already telling your friends and family about how our credit repair services have already helped you. This program simply rewards you for that. It's an excellent way to dramatically lower, or even eliminate, your credit repair costs each month.  For every referral that enrolls in our credit repair program, the following month you will receive a $50.00 credit towards your credit repair services.  And PerfectCreditAgain.com Referral Program is quick and easy; just fill out the box below to start sending out referrals today!​

(866) PCA - 9651

PerfectCreditAgain.com Referral Club

“Refer your friends, earn credits, save money!”


How It Works

  • Fill out the referral form below to send your friends, family and co-workers an invitation.  Or have them call 1-866-PCA-9651, mentioning your name, and one of our FICO Pro Certified Credit Repair Specialists will help them out.

  • Your credits expire 30 days after you complete your last month of the credit repair program.  You can share or split any unused credits with your friends and family (one $50.00 credit per person).  You can even give them as a gift!  Give the gift of credit repair.

  • PerfectCreditAgain.com Referral Club is unlimited, the more you refer, the more you earn!

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Memberships Rewards

  • Silver Members:  1-3 referrals​Way to go!  Apply $50.00 (1 credit) towards your next month’s credit repair services.

  • Gold Members:  4-6 referrals WOW! - You have been really busy!  Apply $100.00 (2 credits per month) towards your next month’s credit repair services.

  • Platinum Members:  7-9 referralsYou have been working it!  Apply $150.00 (3 credits) towards your next month’s credit repair services.

  • Platinum Plus Members:  10+ referralsAWESOME! You are a referral machine!  Apply $150.00 in credits, plus a bonus $250.00 Visa gift card (to be used for anything you want).  Gift cards are given for every 10th person you refer, and will be sent by mail.


Credits can only be used towards credit repair monthly services fees only. Credits have no cash value. PerfectCreditAgain.com employees and its professional referral partners are not eligible for this program. A referral counts as an enrolled client in our credit repair services. After a referral is enrolled, credit will be applied to the account. Credits given as gifts can only be used after the initial enrollment costs and the second month’s fees have been paid.