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Here are some tips to get you started on the road to understanding your rights:

1)      Voicemails left by a debt collector must include the phrasing “this call is from a debt collector” or identify the caller as a debt collector in some fashion. Make sure you save these messages.

2)      Write down the date and time and phone number each time you receive a call. Utilize a call log to keep track, even if don’t recognize the number. This call log can be used later to prove harassment on the part of the collector.

3)      Collection agents are not allowed to disclose to any third party that you owe them money. Only ask to receive information on how to reach you such as a phone number or address.

4)      If you have been called at work and previously requested that those calls be stopped, the collector is not allowed to call you at your workplace again. is here to help you understand the consumer rights when facing collections and debt activity. We can help you learn how the violation of those rights entitles you to receive compensation from the very companies that have been harassing you. This site is here to help you understand the most common violations our clients' experience. The information is intended to help you understand the rights afforded through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Even though we work with a lot of attorneys throughout the country, the information contained within this site is not meant to be construed as legal advice.

If you are getting phone calls or voice messages or someone has called your family trying to get in touch with you, we can help. Our staff is highly trained by the consumer rights attorneys we work with and will never ask you for any form of payment. Our services are entirely free and we are passionate about helping consumers end collection harassment.

If you would like to learn more about the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, you will find the Federal Trade Commission's page here: The most important thing to remember when dealing with debt collectors is that you have rights. Even though you owe the money, you do not deserve to be harassed. Be diligent. Save your voicemails, keep call logs and use as a resource to help you stop the harassment and end this cycle of abuse.

Stop Collections Harassment

U.S.C. 1692: The FDCPA
  • Passed in 1977 with the purpose of eliminating abusive debt collection practices
  • Dictates the rules by which THIRD PARTY DEBT COLLECTORS may collect debt
  • Contains a fee shift provision so that a debtor can retain counsel at no cost -Allows for statutory damages UP TO $1,000
  • In 2011, the FTC received over 140,000 complaints against debt collectors (17% increase over 2009) 

Do You Identify With Any of The Following Statements?
  • Are you receiving harassing collection calls at your home or in work place?
  • Or multiple calls per day from the same collector?
  • Are collectors filling up your voicemail box and calling all hours of the day?

      … You don’t have to put up with harassing calls. Some of these calls are illegal.

Take back control of your life!You could receive up to $1000, have your debt absolved and removed from reporting (in some cases). This is a FREE service to YOU! Find Out More about FDCPA Today and Stop Collections Harassment

Stop Collections Harassment