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First of all, you’re not alone! Many people have felt this way, and even more importantly, many people have recovered from even extreme debt and are now living in financial freedom. There’s hope! And we can help you achieve it!

We do this through Debt Settlement. Debt settlement is different from “Debt Consolidation,” though the two are often confused. 

Debt settlement, which we can help you with, is when we negotiate with credit companies to get your debts erased or partially relieved. Debt settlement actually lowers the amount of debt you owe AND lower the amount of money you pay monthly! 

However, “debt consolidation,” which is often not recommended, requires you to take out a large loan to pay off your debts. Though these large loans are considered “secured loans”, because they require you to offer something like your home, car, etc. as collateral, so that if you default, they can take possession of that collateral.

That means that with debt consolidation, you are at risk of losing your home, your car(s), and any other valuable assets you use to meet their collateral requirements. This could leave you and your family in a very vulnerable position!

Instead of putting you at risk, with the safer debt settlement that we offer, your loans can actually be reduced or eliminated, without having to put your most important and vital assets on the line! 

Do you want financial freedom today? Do you want to put a stake in the ground and decide that today will be the day that you will change your life and your family’s lives? Call now at 866-PCA-9651 or click here to request more information!

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What exactly is debt settlement?

The big housing crisis that hit in 2007 and 2008 has had a huge effect on the American economy for the greater part of the last decade. Financial hardship has hit many people and families since then.

If hard times have fallen on you and your family, you might feel like there’s no hope in sight. You might feel alone, ashamed, worried, stressed, angry and confused. It feels like you can never dig yourself out of the pit you’ve fallen into.